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Electric Cars

Mercedes SLS AMG Coupe Electric Drive

The Mercedes SLS AMG Coupe Electric Drive is one of the first fully electric cars, specifically this model will take 4, enough to compete with gasoline powered cars electric motors.

First electric trucks

The electrification of some truck fleets has been an alternative to several companies which have given considerable results.

Electricity also comes to racing cars

Altran, the global leader in technology consulting and innovation, in partnership with Quimera, created in Spain AEGT 01 marked as the most powerful in the world with about 700 hp.

Analysis of the Rolls Royce 102EX

The Rolls Royce 120EX has a 290kW power, is mounted on the base of the Phantom and the gasoline engine has been replaced by a lithium ion battery and two electric motors mounted on the rear of the chassis.

Kia Ray EV In comes the electricity to Korean cars.

In electric propulsion, the Korean brand Kia wanted ahead of their counterparts in the Korean market since 2011 and shocked with his new Ray EV. Like fuel externally to Kia, differ much in the interior.

Geneva Motor Show will bring impact events

Ratifying as one of the most prestigious salons worldwide, in early March 2013, Geneva, will bring significant events announced in advance.

Electric cars, A mistake for the future of humanity?

Several authors addressed a series of investigations into the disadvantages of electricity in this regard. The first is the reliance on fossil to generate as much energy worldwide.

Present and future of electric vehicle charging

2014 holds news regarding the charging of electric vehicles, rapidly evolving technology still spread.

Renault Fluence Z.E. try to repair their mistakes in 2013

After a collapse in sales due to obvious limitations compared to other electric cars has come on the market, the Renault Fluence ZE will seek to recover from the slump with some improvements on your system.

Electric Bus Iriziar I2E

The bus model Iriziar I2E is an electric model that was manufactured in Spain, ideal for a green and comfortable for its users urban vehicle.